Wrap fingers around each finger in sequence for approximately three minutes. For sixth position, wrap one hand over backside of other hand and press thumb in center of palm.

1. Thumb: 1st Depth – Worry and Obsessing

2. Ring Finger: 2nd Depth – Grief

Out of a disruption of our natural emotional rhythms. We experience a diminished capacity for letting go. We become stuck. Balancing the second depth helps us to release our grip on the old and be receptive to the new on both the emotional and physical plane. Will revitalize and heal the lungs and large intestine. A person with a twenty year history of asthma cleared up after three sessions.

3. Middle Finger – 3rd Depth

The key to harmonizing the elements. By balancing the third depth, we increase our capacity for compassion as well as reinstate harmony to the liver and gall bladder. A man came home from work in an extremely frustrated state- he had a bad day at work. His wife suggested he hold his middle finger while expressing his annoyances at work. He did and in a few minutes his mood shifted. He laughed and said “I can’t talk about these things now. They don’t seem to bother me anymore.”


For more information see The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu by Alice Burmeister on Amazon

4. Index Finger – 4th Depth

Organs affected; kidney and bladder. Balancing the fourth depth restores freedom of circulation and gives us freedom from fear. A man had a great deal of fear about an upcoming business trip. His left lower back was so painful he went to see a chiropractor with no relief. He boarded the plane still in pain and remembered to hold his index finger and both the back pain and the fear went away. For the entire week of the business trip he was fear and back pain free.

5. The Little Finger – 5th Depth

Imbalances often cause heart or small intestine function disharmony. Holding the little finger enables us to address these problems. It is also the source of intuitive knowledge. When this depth is balanced, we are able to receive inspiration directly from the universe. No comparing, competing, babbling or labeling.


No asking why or when. When we reach the time when understanding is needed, the answer emerges. For example, there was a case where a person as a child was diagnosed with heart problems. As an adult, his general practitioner was concerned at what he saw through his stethoscope and wanted to refer him to a cardiologist. “I worked holding the little finger a while and later on, no problem was found by the doctor.”

6. Center of the Palm – 6th Depth

On the physical plane, disharmony may occur in the diaphragm and umbilicus organ functions. When the sixth depth is balanced, we feel a sense of profound peace and oneness with the universe. Harmony is brought to the related organs.


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