GUIDED MEDITATION: Enjoy this guided meditation for daily use morning and night. It is a great way to begin utilizing tools for transformation. For further understanding and other specific tools to use in daily practice listen to the rest of the talks.
BREATH: You will hear how breath is deeply connected to the divine, why it is an integral element in our health, and why it is the conveyor of energy of the spirit.
HIGHER ENERGY & HIGHER SELF: Higher energy will be explained in very simple, easy to understand terms and how to connect to it. Self awareness techniques will also be explained as the pathway to connect to the higher self.
THE MIND: Calming the mind is the first step, but it is not enough. Learn in this talk about dropping the mind, observing the mind, destroying negative thoughts permanently, and what thoughts and emotions really are.
RELIGION & PRACTICE: A commentary on the state of religion today and simple practices on how we can all get back to the most important principals of religion and spirituality. Topics include: connection to grace, self effort, conscious surrender of negativity, and moral principals.
JOIN US: If you really want to know what Adventures In Consciousness is all about, then listen to this. You will hear how we are calling all adventurers to become a part of a revolution in human consciousness.
CHANGE FROM OBSERVATION: how self-awareness is truly the foundation for raising the level of your consciousness.