These are just a few of the dozens of testimonials we ave gotten throughout the years.

Thank you so much for your support and help. I know this will change my life forever. Thanks again for everything.”

– Laura X.

“I had severe emotional problems, and difficulty getting along with my parents and relatives because of these emotions. AIC has taught me several methods to transform and heal my emotions. Because of this my life has completely changed. Now I am in charge of my life and not a victim of my thoughts and feelings any longer. I can transform my own emotions directly with my mind and to connect to the spirit of God. My 14 year old daughter has learned these techniques, which has made an incredible difference in her life. She is currently sharing them with other children. I am very grateful.

-Laura B. (L.B.)

“I have been attending classes for a year now. When I started I was having many problems regarding fear issues. During classes I was given many ways and tools to use to identify the fear. I have been able to completely get rid of two fears and the others do not have the power over my emotions that they had to begin with. AIC has taught me to look at myself in relationship to the world around me in a new, more aware way, and I find that when I apply myself my life is much more calm, and I do not react to situations in my family and the world the way I did before these classes. This has also changed how my family members relate to me. I plan to do continue to do the exercises for the rest of my life as I want to continue to improve myself.”

– Ginny (G.M.)

“I can recommend this positive program as extremely beneficial for anyone who truly wants to enrich their existence. I have studied metaphysical and spiritual topics for about 30 years, but I have gained more spiritual insight in a few months than in all that time. I had attended class, and studied psychology on a graduate level yet the help I received has given me what none of those had. AIC keeps me focused on the value of striving to be attentive and alert to my own reactions and taming the ego to attain spiritual awareness. I have also learned to contemplate the Divine aspects of the universe, which has blessed my life.”

– Kathy (K.Y.)

“I have been a student of spirituality and personal growth my whole life and intensely for the past 15 years. I have studied with master of different traditions and done special practices, but the work I have been doing with AIC the past year has transformed my life the most, in the shortest period of time. I was full of fears and insecurities and AIC showed me how to consciously collapse these states of mind to get rid of them permanently. My teacher’s insight to my nature is INCREDIBLE. I am now able to do things that in my past would have crippled me and my life is much more rich and fulfilling….Adults and children alike can benefit from this approach and transform neurosis into nirvana.

– Mary Beth (M.A .)

“I have been suffering from post-trauma, anger, sadness and guilt associated from being raped ten years ago. I spent only a few hours with my teacher and all of the above thoughts and feelings are gone for good, without even talking about it. There’s no more pain and suffering the trauma of the rape experience has left me.”

– Marnie (M.G.)