I feel victorious after conquering that feeling! It’s completely gone!

– Alex, Second Grader

Kids learn simple and practical skills for focusing, calming the mind, dealing with negative emotions, and harnessing the power of self-awareness. Storytelling, games, and guided meditations are used to foster self-awareness and character building.

Students discover what an emotion is on an experiential level, while learning powerful tools to help them conquer fears and irritations. The tools are geared for children to approach their personal challenges as opportunities. To become stronger from the inside out! Ultimately kids experience the important mind-body connection for overall health and wellness.

This is absolutely the Truth! It works! Thank you so much!

– Julian,Third Grade

HMHB programs fit into a school day simply, practically. We are backed by forty years of practical research and thoughtful collaboration with teachers, counselors, school administrators and students.

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